Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Perfect Actor

I said: It’s amazing. Amazing and stupendous in all conceivable aspects, the reason we were created for. It is said with worship that, God created us. God is Supreme. God has all powers. He can be magical. He can be kind. He can bless. He can punish. He creates. He destroys. He is here. He is there. He is everywhere.

All we are supposed to do is to obey his commands. Obey rules. Obey others when they feel we are ‘wrong’ or detest our ‘self’, when we feel only personally, something as ‘right’. We are right if we believe in God (says one). We are right if we don’t believe in something (says another). Who amongst both these factions have seen this so called “GOD” in a true form?

If, by any chance he does exist, then why are we supposed to go through all these things that he sees as petty mundane matters of existence, without knowing where we may or what we may do erroneously? Anything and everything is relative to each other. Actions are relative to thoughts. Thoughts relative to words. Words are relative to thoughts and thoughts relative to actions. That’s back to square one. So in essence, its like saying A=B and B=C and hence A=C, though we have learnt that A can never be B nor can B be C, because they are alphabets and they are singular identities. Imagine using A instead of B or B instead of C. Just because of all these relative theories and what we jus went through, a Bat would be a Cat and a Call would be a Ball. So if you need to play cricket or baseball, – which could also be called ‘bricket’ or ‘caseball’- all that you have to do is throw a call to a cat. But we do know that we can never ‘throw’ a call to a cat. So then how do we play what we want to? Impossible.We started with a question of what a lie is, about god, about what we are expected to do, to perform. Now what did we talk and what did we understand? Irrespective of the ideas expressed, we should note that it is the so called GOD who made us have an argument about A, B and C, and how they are related and how they are not. So, is he worth enough to be revered? We tried to question certain doubts and how have we been answered? Phew, respectable! That’s why I titled this essay, The Perfect Actor.

He said: I am an Actor. The owner of any action is an actor. Everything is relative to what we see or what we hear or what we feel. Some say those who worship the so called devil are terrible or those who see god in a different form are by far, more appalling. Those, whom You accuse, believe you are the ones who are wrong. So who is right? You? The accused? The Devil is not my opposite. It is my absence. But is there anyplace, - somewhere - where I am absent? No. Darkness is not absence of light. It is just the absence of intensity of light. So is there a devil? Is there a Satan? Don’t worry, there is. It is me. I am both and I am one. That is what relativity is all about. Your left hand would be your right hand if you judge that by looking onto a mirror. You call me an actor, a perfect actor. Here too, it is relative to perfection that you have given me the title. But there is also imperfection and every imperfection is also me, because if there was no imperfection, would there be perfection? What you just now went through, asking questions and relating it with the theory of relativity is not stupid and really funny because I see it from your viewpoint. It is also stupid and funny and crazy because I see it from the perspectives of all others. So if you believe that you may be made fun of, don’t worry because they don’t have the strength to see from a different perspective. Now, rest your body. We will talk in your dreams, for through dreams a lot can be said without the body getting exhausted, as an exhausted body would drain an active mind of all its strength.