Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh Woman !

Woman, you define the benign half of human race. Woman, you depict and exalt the identity of being the cradle of life. Woman, oh thee glorifies the personification of care and nurture. Woman, are you not the unparalleled source of love, compassion and virtues? But why do I, the man, bridle your character and bring you under submission. Why do I think education is not your birthright? I even limit your freedom to breathe with tight reigns? Why do I rape and molest you impassively? Why do you get burned and killed? Why do I expect you to be virgin, when at the same time I pay and enjoy for sensual unison with many? Is virginity just in the vagina? Is it not in your consciousness?

Woman, I pity thy spiteful fate.

“Oh woman, from the sacred womb of thy, one day to this earth came I”

Pardon the masculine power, for though they are to be depended for your progeny to evolve, they may not have your body and soul to love and beat. Pardon this uncanny and uncouth misconduct of manhood. Please pardon me.