Monday, February 18, 2008

True Love Is The Act Of Total Abandon

14th of February; Valentines Day. We all know the imporance, or rather, the special status given to this day. A day when we all are lost in dreams, roaming the imaginary clouds with our fluttery senses or else busy in the company of our lover, trying to impress him/ her with some unique gift, a kiss or a rosy red flower that exemplifies the love we have for him/ her. Are you one covered within such a bracket?

But is it necessary to wake up one fine morning and say, “today is Valentines day and so I have got to show extra love to my lover”. Why do we need a commemorative day for reminding us of what we believe in? it would be more sacred and valuable if we can cherish each day and each minute in he same sense.

How many are there who does not have a ‘lover’? Lets talk about them.

Loving someone is not a sin. But, does that mean we should be in continuous search for that? Ok, now being in search of that elusive person is not a sin either. But why are we not ready to love all who we see? Is it tough? If not, then why are we not trying to evolve with such a frame of mind?

True love is auspicious. True love is loving one’s self, because only then can we ever be able to spread the warmth to others. It is a feeling of a different realm, a different stratum. We dont have to put conditions for it to happen. Absolutely no underlying conditions, like beauty, wealth, high status etcetera plays a part for its evolution. Neither do we need a day, an hour or a minute based on which we evaluate love. Proximity of a person for understanding love is not a necessity.We can even abandon a person and still love that person a lot. 'True love' is unconditional. It’s the conversation between the souls, a language the body or the material realm where the body exists cannot comprehend. True love is the act of total abandon.