Friday, June 06, 2008

Attack of the Clones !

Yeaterday I was wasting my time doing nothing. I was confused and irritated; fretting and worrying; doubtfull and in dilemma; and all these fr nothing worthwile.

I dispised this character of mine and so I sat and thought, framing a big WHY and questioning myself for all th troubles that i 'think' mite happen. Duh. Its such a waste of time !!!! Why think of the future, when its only the result of your present ? Why think of the past, when its just a vague reminder of bygones and yu dont have th power to turn back time.

An idle mind is the devil's workshop.

I now realize I had missed my chance to acknowledge that it was a beautiful day, the sun had still shone brilliantly, and th pitter patter of the rain drops was a refreshing change to th music i normally hear. The earth had spread a mystical aroma of the rain water sinking in...and I now relize...though both glee and gloom wer knocking at my doors, I let only gloom in.

Thank you gloom, thanx a lot. Thanx for making me aware of how good glee was. Thank you for telling me that I should live in the moment and try to enjoy yourself to the fullest without worrying.

Thanks a lot.

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