Sunday, March 30, 2008

Framed !

A friend, (i havent even seen her, bt once) barely recognizable the next time around, and who calls me 'acs' ...a very mature, very innocent and very true lady, sent me this gift, granting me a 'well deserved happiness'. She once termed it as a 'dedication to the guy who taught her to be good'.

This is what she had said in her email:

hi acs,
sorry i kept it with me a wee bit too long...i was under the impression that u did save it from orkut n then "ahemm" "frame it...that still sounds a bit over the top...still no blockin any of ur dreams acs...dream on...n thanku for the "constructive argument" again...
as for dedicatin to ppl i fight with it is not a style...or even a secret plan at world domination or anything...he he he...well...just that ppl who fight with me make me see things from a different perspective ....n if the perspective is gud enf ,i take i owe them their time...n their ideas into the making of "me" .so as i become a better human being some way...i owe them 'a debt'....n i pay it by makin them "happy" ,a well deserved happiness don't u think? much for that...he he he...have a gr8 time...

I really do not know if she owes me the so called 'well deserved happiness', for i am not sure what i made her accept through the constructive arguments. But then I should repeat that i am indeed glad that i got a well deserved happines.
Thanx ms gg. Ive framed it as it is wat it rightly deserves ! Amen !

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